guinea pig morning rountine


hey guys,

so today I wanted to do something a bit different and write about my pet guinea pigs if you don’t like this style of blog don’t worry I will be uploading a normal fashion/beauty  post next time

  • so fist I come into the guinea pig room and open the blinds as I feel it is really important to get  a lot of natural light in if you keep you guinea pigs indoorsblog3
  • next I wash out there bowls just using a sponge and some warm water as it is important to keep there bowls clean and hygienic
  • after that I chop some veggies and the veggies are different each day but they get something along the lines of carrots, pepper, cucumber, spinach and  occasionally banana and tomato
  • then I bring the bowls in (they are usually squeaking a lot now !) blog-2and fill the  bowls up with the nature feat guinea pig food pellets
  •  then I fill the hay up with just the regular pets at home timothy hay
  •  on certain days I will change the cage around and put some new toys in as guinea pigs get bored quite easilyblog-5
  • then the last thing I do is wash my hands


thank you all for reading and I will see you in my next blog

BYE ! ❤

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