Christmas routine!

Hi so I know its a bit early but i just really wanted to write this blog so i thought why not! First of all in the morning i wake up at 5.30 every Xmas, then i go and wake my older brother up (which is a mission). We open a few presents from our Santa sack. Additionally, we go into my mum and dad’s room chuck our sacks on them, which they’re usually not too pleased about (but who cares its Christmas!). My Mum then gets her video camera out and starts recording us unpacking our sacks. Next, we go downstairs to put on Christmas music on and open our mountain of presents this is extremely fun.

After we have play with all of our presents we then go to my Nan and Grandad’s house for an hour or two as my Nan’s birthday is on Christmas as well when we are she exchange presents. Furthermore when we are home we prepare Christmas dinner well my mum and dad do while me and my brother explore what we have got. After dinner me and my brother get a joint present it uasaly an board game.Last of all we get ready to go around my anuties and there we have a buffay and again exchange presents with the whole family.


Thanks for reading  like subscribe and comment down below what’s your routine Xx


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