first chatty blog post !

hey guys

so today I thought I would just do chatty blog as these are becoming really popular I thought I would try it out (and also because I was lazy and didn’t plan what I was going to post). First I wanted to talk about YouTube. Now I have been thinking about doing YouTube for a long time now but have never really had any confidence to d0 it .I have been vlogging and making videos for fun lately and realized how much I really love it so this Christmas I have asked for a video  camera from my one really knows about my passion for YouTube except for my mum really  so I hope no one I know reads this blog :).anyway so another thing I want to talk about is Christmas so this Christmas is already hectic and its not even December yet ! over the last year and half I have made a amazing new group of friends and I already have all five of there presents wrapped and ready to go that is what I call #orginisedchristmas. but I don’t have a clue what to get my family my family mostly consists of boys (who are so hard to buy for !) and 1 girl, my mum, I normally find it so easy to get my mum something but this year I have defiantly run out of ideas so if anyone has any ideas for mums then comment down below and I will be so thankful x for my dad I saw a present that I am debating on getting it for him but I’m pretty sure I will get it for him so I saw this monthly curry subscription box. so basically my dad loves cooking and especially spicy food so basically its a box that comes in the post for three months and it as a different curry ingredients and recipes in each month and it was a really good price around £10 for three mums birthday is also coming up and I found it hard to get her present as well so I’m pretty sure I just am rubbish at buying presents but I did eventually find her something and I got her a Pandora charm to add to her bracket collection I really hope she loves it.

so that’s it for today , thanks for reading

bye ❤

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