facts about me :)

hey guys today in wanted to do a post about facts about me. obviously this is anonymous  blog so its going to be quite a hard blog post to do (lol) but anyway im just going to get straight into this post….

  • I used to play the guitar but i gave it up a few months ago as i was going something nearly every night
  • my favorite colour is blue but it has to be a very particular blue.like sky blue/baby blue
  • I am very grumpy when im cold.i defiantly prefer warm to cold . so i would defenatly go to a tropical island instead of a skiing holiday
  • somethings really bug me like my books have to be in height order and i get really obsessed that my christmas morning has to be the correct routine…… i know im weird
  • I love im a celeb im pretty sure its my favorite show but its only on once a year…….really !
  • I don’t eat any egg. i think it’s just gross and im pretty sure that’s the only thing i wont eat . i also dont eat mayo and salad cream as they are both egg based and gross !
  • I love baths! they are the best thing ever esspecily when you have a lush bath bomb to and bubbles
  • I have tried to be veggie before but i just couldn’t do the sausages brought me back ha ha 🙂
  • going back to the im a celeb thing my favorite characters are Joel than scarlet then larry
  • I have 3 guinea pigs toffee cinnamon and fudge i love them all


that’s all the facts about me for now so i hope you enjoyed this post

see you later bye ! ❤

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