how to decorate your room/house for Christmas

Hey guys, so before I start my blog post I wanted to say that im going to start blogmas. Basically its were from today ( I know I’m a bit late) till Christmas eve I will upload a  new blog post and obviously because it is a shared blog it wont just be me writing these blogs. anyway enough rambling  im going to get straight into this post

ok so first thing you could do to make your room feel more Christmassy is just to add some simple fairy lights. This is such a simple thing but you’ll be amazed at how much cosier your room will become.

Another thing that you can do to up the Christmas sprit in your room is to add some festive cushions. there are so many Christmas pillows out there but I think I like ones with simple patterns or the typical Christmas picture ( Santa, reindeer’s, snow anything like that) 

A Christmas bed throw also helps and you can also get matching bed covers to or just choose on that goes with your original bed covers

so finally you can put up some bunting that says something like merry Christmas or it just has cute little Christmas patterns on

so that’s it for today come back tomorrow to see a ‘my Christmas routine’ post

          thanks for reading bye ❤


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