5 of my favourite Christmas films

hey guys so yesterday I tried to upload my Christmas morning routine and it said it uploaded but It turns out it didn’t so sorry for the missing post. Anyway enough rambling I’m going to get writing this blog


ELF: so I actually hadn’t watch this film till today and now I have watched it I can defiantly say that its one of my favourite films ever !

NATIVITY: I love nativity so much ! It reminds me so much of my primary school days even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any teachers near anywhere near as cool of mr poppy

THE POLAR EXSPRESS: this is the most Christmassy film ever! even though its not your normal  Disney Christmas films I really really love this film

 THE GRINCH: this is a defiantly a classic in my house and it is the kinda  film I would watch on Christmas eve or on a day were I feel down

THE OUTNUMBERED CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: I know this  isn’t a film but I thought I would include it because im pretty sure this is one of the funniest things I have ever watched


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