my Christmas make up routine

hey guys and welcome to blogmas day 6 so today the first thing i need say is sorry. im so sorry for yesterday’s blog and to be honest it was awful and so short so to make it up to you guys im gonna do a very long chatty make up post  without further ado im going to get started with this post

so first i just go in with my normal foundation. i use the rimmel london match perfection in the shade ivory. i find this one of my favirote foundations as it can really build up and thats a really good thing for me.

then i put on my collection lasting perfections conceler in the shade number 2 . i put this conceler under my eyes and on any spots and its such a good conseler and instantly makes me look awake

next i put on some powder to set that all and make it last espessaly if your using this look on christmas day or all day its good to use powder to ensure it stays on. i use the collection setting powder and put this all over my face

then to eyeshadow. now this is were i get really christmassy so im going to start of with a silver base. ive used the silver from my rimmel london glam eyes palet then i go in with a coppery tone which is from MUA  and i blend this in to the base . on crease i go in with the barry m super natral  palet and i am using this browny purpley colour. this makes a kind of coppery christmas look and i really liked this as i wanted the eyes to be the mane feature to this make up look

for my eyeliner im using a collection extrem felt tip and this is so easy to use . if i could use it anyone can im pretty sure a toddler is better at eyeliner than me ! and for my mascara im using agian a collection product and its the collection 10x volumising mascara in the colour xtra black

for my lip im going with a simple red but i think a berry lip would also look nice with this too though. befor putting on the lipstick i used the body shop oil lips to mostirise my lips as they get very dry in the winter because of how cold it is.

ok so that’s it for today I really hope you enjoyed this long post today and ill be back tomorrow with blogmas day 7 ! like follow and tell me down below what is your go to eye shadow pallet because mine is defiantly the Barry m one byeeeeeeeee ! ❤

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