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hey guys and welcome to blogmas day 8 so today I thought I would just go out of my normal video just to update to you guys on my last chatty post. so last time I was in the process of buying Christmas presents for my family and friends  I finally have all my gifts  for my mum I got her at fat face gift set my dad I got a mug and some really expensive coffee for one of my brothers I got some toy skateboards and my older brother an alarm clock as he can never wake up on time ! and also some chocolates to go with that. also since I last did this style of blog I didn’t have an advent iscalendar as it wasn’t  December and this year I got a mars calendar this year and last year I got a thorntans one . Anyway at Christmas time one of my favourite things about Christmas is vlogmas my favs are zoella Tanya burr and pointless blog but I also sometimes watch Naomi and last year I watch sprinkleofglitter do vlogmas too. another exciting thing is that on Monday 12th Im going to get my Christmas tree at the garden centre ! im so excited to get the tree because as soon as the tree is up I get so festive. also what is your tradition when putting up your tree because mine  dancing in the living room with my family to Christmas songs comment down below if you have weird traditions like that when you decorate the tree. Now in my house we don’t have a specific colour or theme to the tree so are tree doesn’t always look as good as everyone else’s

 anyway that’s it for today  like and follow and come back tomorrow for blogmas  day 9 ! byyyyyyyeeeeeee            by R

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