presents (stocking fillers) under £30

hey guys and welcome to blogmas day 7! so today I’m writing a gift ideas post as I wanted to help you guys out and give you a few ideas if you are stuck on something to get a friend or relative.i also think that its so nice to get someone a little stocking for Christmas as it is just the cutest thing

so the first thing that is a great present ( and under £30) is the ted baker pink beauty bag gift set. this is a really good gift for anyone who likes big named brands but it is only £ get a full sized body wash, body spray and body crush . you also get a really good size ted baker make up bag too xxx

The next present or stocking filler is this cute little monogramed note book from john Lewis and you can get it with any letter on and the letters are gold and so cute. I think this is a great stocking filler and its only £6 so if you have a big group of friends this is a great gift for them

Another thing that’s a great presents is these microwaveable slipper boots this is such a cute gift for someone especially as at Christmas time (in most countries) is really cold. I’m also one of these people that hate the  cold and if I’m c0od then I get grumpy so I think these slippers would benefit my family too ! these were £17 from a site called prezzy box

ok so that’s it for todays blog hope you enjoyed reading please like and follow if your not all ready and comment down below what was your favirote gift

                                                            thanks for reading byyyyeeeeeee 

                                                                                      by R

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