luxury gift guide

hey guys and welcome to blogmas day 9 ! so a few days ago I did a gifts ovand today I wanted to do a post for the people who maybe have less people to buy for or just what to spend a bit extra on someone this year. also I have a range of things here for everyone

so the first thing is the Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Gift Set. this is a great set and is definitely a luxury gift as its £165.But saying that it does have a full sized lipstick, mascara eyeliner pencil ,eye shadow and a blusher/bronzer. this would make such a nice gift as it comes in a really cute make up bag with kisses on it

ok so the next gift is from lush and its the gift set called lush legends its £145 .This comes with so many bath bombs I cant even describe to you ! it comes with blackberry bath bomb, fizz banger, the experimenter, Brightside, the comforter, karma, shades of earl grey ,big the plumbs, karma comber, celestial and 15 more !  I don’t even have this set but I can all ready tell that it will be amazing because come on its lush !

so the last thing is the Pandora entwining ring and I think this is so beautiful and well worth is price (£115) and you can easily get away with wearing this day to day and for going out

                                                 thanks so much for reading and I will see you again tomorrow byyyyyyyeeeeeee   BY R   

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