5 places I want to visit !

hey guys so today I wanted to do a  fun little post on were I would like to visit also comment down below were you would like to visit and why.

  • so the first place I would like to visit is Disneyworld.I have been obsessed with going to Disney for years !!! I don’t know what it is about Disney but I feel like the atmosphere would be awesome the weather in Florida is always amazing and I am such a rollercoaster kinda gal (lol) I also kind of want to meet the characters because yes in I am 5 .

  • the second place I would like to visit is the moon. I don’t really know why I picked the moon I just think it would be really cool to see what its like to be on another planet. I also think It would be awesome to be able to float around like your flying ! I would also make my mark in some way like putting a flag down or something.

  • another place I want to visit is the great barrier reef as I love snorkelling and I actually passed my grade one  scooper diving test (if anyone wants me to write a post on that comment down below) so I would love to snorkel along the reef and see all the colourful fish and things like that.

  • the fourth place I want to visit is new York. my mum visited new York back in 2014 and ever since she described it to me I feel in love with the idea of going. I can imagine the husel and busel atmosphere being so nice and I also love American dinners and there everywhere I  new york so that’s a plus !

  • the last  place that I would love to visit is Australia. I love all the animals and wildlife there and I would also like to go to Sydney harbour and check out everything there. I think if I did go I would go in December because in Australia  the seasons are the opposite to were I live and I would want to get away from the cold and rain and go somewhere hot and sunny

    I really hope you enjoyed that fun little post don’t forget to like and follow if your not already byyyyyeeeeeeeee

from R

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