graze box review

hey guys, so today I’m going to do a graze box review as this is the second box I received and I have been really happy with it so far.

so In this box I got

  1. white chocolate with wild blue berry toast
  2. cranberry and hazelnut toasts with rich cocoa dip
  3. triple berry smoothie
  4. chocolate pretzel dippers

ok so the white chocolate one is really nice ! the crunch of the toast really complimented the smoothness of the white chocolate. also it wasn’t to rich so its not overpowering or too filling

next is the cranberry and hazel nut toast with the cocoa dip this wasn’t my favourite as the chocolate was a little to rich and dark for me and there wasn’t very many pieces of toast but  if you like dark chocolate  this is defiantly something you will like

the third thing is the berry smoothie which isn’t actually a smoothie its a mix of different dried fruit the banana was a bit chewy but I didn’t mind the flavour the mini strawberries were really nice and so was the rest of the pot

the last thing is the chocolate pretzel dippers. OMG these are defiantly my favourite things I this box the saltiness of the bread sticks go so well with my milk chocolate and they are just so delicious ! the only thing I could criticize about it is that there could be a bit more chocolate as there are a lot of bread sticks and not so much chocolate

that is it for today hope you enjoyed this little review and don’t for get to like follow and comment if you now want to order a graze box see u later

                                                                                  bbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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