my photography

hey guys so today i thought i would do something a little different for you and share some of my  favourite  photos that i have taken  hope you enjoy !

so this first photo i took on the beach when i was visiting a family member and this is one of my favourite pictures i have ever taken. im not sure way but i feel like the focus is perfect and yeah… i just really like this picture. it also reminds me of what a great day we had as it was so sunny and just an all round lovely day


this photo is from a dog walk i went on a few months ago which was really nice and i brought my camera along and got some really nice shots as the sun was just setting and it looked really nice behind theimg_1046.jpg
trees. this also reminds me of the day I took as it was a really good day






this picture is actually just a plant in my house but i felt like the colours looked really good and it gave a really good out come. its also a very summery picture so if i got this framed (i occasionally frame my favourite pictures) it would look really good on my white bedroom wall in summerIMG_0996






this last photo just like the first is from the beach and even though it is one of my favourites I think it would be nicer if the sea came a bit further in and the rocks were a bit more even  IMG_1173





so that’s the end of this post I hope you’ve enjoyed, please like and follow and comment down below what picture is your favourite

bbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee ❤

from R x

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