4 ways to clearer skin

hi guys so today I wanted to talk to you about how to get the clearest skin possible and basically little things I do to make my skin clearer. A little disclaimer before I start I am defiantly not a professional at this and  everyone’s skin is different so some of these things may work on you but may not as well

the first little thing I do to help my skin is when putting my concealer on spots I put it on the back of my hand instead of straight onto my spot  and then blending  because you have to put the applicator back into the pot and then next time you go to use it  you are putting a dirty applicator on your face and more spots will pop up (and we all know spots like to come up in the most inconvenient times ! )

the second thing is to cleanse and moisturise everyday.in reality no one moisturises and cleanses everyday without fail but this will really help as it gets rid of germs and bacteria that will cause spots. I use the Nivea 2 in one cleanser and toner which I have used for quite a while now and It is one of my all favourites

remove all make up at night as make up gathers bacteria and germs and makes your skin dirty therefor make you more prone to spots ( do this before you moisturise and/or  cleanse)

the last thing is to wash your make up brushes regularly as brushes can get really dirty and clogged up with old make up so cleaning them is a very good way of avoiding spots. you can pick up make up brush cleaner from any sort of drugstore (e.g. Superdrug )

so that is the end of this post if you enjoyed or found it helpful then please press the like button and follow if you are new thanks for watching

                                                                                       bbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeee !!!!!

                                                                                                                                           from R

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