a chatty life update

hi guys so today I thought that I would just update you on my life as I have not been very active for a while (I’m really sorry about that by the way guys !). I came to write this a few days ago and my mind went completely blank buts its amazing how much a few days thinking can help. sorry for rambling there guy, lets get on to this post

ok so I know i’s really late to this train but 2 days ago I started reading Girl online, and I know everyone reading this will be like ‘that came out like 3years ago !’ and I know and don’t kill me for saying this but every time I went to start reading It I just lost interest In it but this time I started reading it I defiantly did not loose interest I read all 345 pages in about 2 days. I’ve now started reading the second one (girl online on tour) and I’m practically reading it while writing this ! 🙂

another thing that’s happened in my life lately is that schools finished !!! thank GOD  I think I might of exploded with stress if I had to spend another day at school. why does school have to make every thing boring or stressful it has a sort of way of making even the most exiting things boring and/or stressful. even if they said ‘oh today we are going to spend all day doing whatever you want’ I’m sure they would find some way of making it stressful. (sorry for that ramble guys 🙂 )

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my blog and how I can start encouraging myself to write more and I think I am going to set my self a challenge so for the whole of august I’m going to write 5 bog posts a week and to some people this may seem easy but to me I have defiantly set my self a challenge and a half

thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it please like this post and follow if you haven’t all ready


from R





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