My make-up routine- then vs now

Hi guys, so today is my first post of my august challenge (go check out my last post if you don’t know what I mean )and I wanted to show you how much my make up routine has changed by showing you what I used to wear when I started wearing make up and what I wear now. lets get started !


when I started wearing make-up I didn’t wear a foundation as I didn’t want to wear a lot of make-up but now I wear the Rimmel lasting finish foundation and this is one of my favourite ever foundation as it is a perfect coverage for me. For concealer I used to use the MUA hide and conceal concealer. This concealer is defiantly not a concealer that I would recommend as it does blend well and makes your skin quite patchy but it wasn’t the worst concealer and it was only a £1 so it was a bargain. The concealer I use now is the collection lasting perfection concealer. I LOVE this concealer it is so good and I think it blends really well. Its £4.20 which I think is a really good deal for such a good concealer. ( sorry for ranting about concealers there guys ) For powder I used to use the collection pressed powder which I think could have been a nice powder but I would buy one which was obviously to orange for my skin and would just leave me looking awful . But now I use the Rimmel stay matte powder and I have defiantly learnt from my mistakes and I now use a translucent powder


 On my eyes I used an MUA single copper/gold eye shadow and to be honest I still think  this is a really good eyeshadow and kind of want to go and bye one to start using it again. Now for everyday I use the shade buttercream from the  collection eyes uncovered palette. For mascara I used  a miss sporty one and I think It was just an average mascara but it was a bit clumpy sometimes. I now use the barry m  feature length mascara which is really good and makes your really lashed really long.


  On my lips I used the MUA lipstick in a very light coral/orange colour. this was only £1 and it was ok. I now use either the Barry m lipstick in the colour ‘everything’s rosy’ or the Kiko lipstick in a pale pink colour.

thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed my first post in  my august challenge please like follow and comment down below


                                                                                                                                           from R

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