summer life hacks

hi guys, today I thought I would do a summer life hacks post for my second day of my August challenge . P.S some of these I made up and some I got from the internet so I don’t want to take credit for any of these ❤

  1. the first one is really good if you are going out all day somewhere and you know that its going to be really hot . so basically you fill your bottle half full with water and put lying down in the freezer over night. Then in the morning all you have to do is to fill the rest of  the bottle up and it stays cold all day

  2. This one is good for when you are in holiday at the beach and you don’t really want to leave your phone, keys, purse etc. on display. Use an en empty sun cream bottle wash it out and cut the top off of the bottle ( don’t cut to much off) and fill it with your valuables. then put it back together and done !

  3. the third life hack is for when your at the beach and you don’t want sand or little wasps and fly’s in your drink so just take a cupcake case and push your straw through it and it will protect your drink

  4. this hack is one I have been doing literally all my life and basically you just get a Frube and put it in the freezer. when you get it out it should be like an ice cream that’s a lot cheaper

  5. this last hack is one of my favourites. when you make your ice, pop a strawberry or raspberry in and freeze as normal. then when you use  the ice it will keep your drink cold and when the ice melts it will leave a nice flavour

       thank you all for reading I hope you enjoyed reading this post please like, follow and comment which hack is your favourite .


                                                                                                                         from R

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