shopping haul <3

hey guys so today I went on a little shopping trip so I decided to share what I got for my 3rd day in my August challenge. I hope you enjoy reading this and lets get on with this post .

The first place I went was Primark and I got a few pieces from there. I got a white and grey striped dress which is such a nice material and it was only £5,which I think is such a bargain. the next thing I picked up  was a blue and white striped off the shoulder top which I think will be great for my holiday. The last thing I pick up was just a pair of super high waist black skinny jeans as my other ones were going a bit grey

the last things I got were some all black Nike Roches for school as at my school they only allow all back shoes. I think they are one of my favourite school shoes I have ever had and I think they were around £60

so that is the end of my post for today I hope you enjoyed todays post please like and follow


                                                                                                     from R

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