My bath bomb collection

hi guys, so today I’m going to be sharing with you my bath bomb collection as I’m pretty sure I have a slight obsession with bath products and thought it would be nice to share some of my favourites  from my collection at the moment.

The first thing in my collection is the ‘intergalactic’ bath bomb from lush (a lot of these things will be from lush ). I have actually already broken off a bit of this bath bomb and it was really nice and came out in such a lovely blue colour with streaks of green and pink. It is also sparkly which can be a really nice thing but it can also be a real pain to get off of the bottom of the bath

The next bath product is a bubble bar from lush. Its called ‘Brightside’ and it has a gorgeous mango scent. I haven’t used this yet but it smell amazing and if it makes my bath smell anything like that I will be very happy 🙂

The third thing in my collection is the lush shower gel ‘snow fairy’ that is actually limited to Christmas time but I had quite a few at Christmas so I still have one and I have to say it is maybe one of my favourite lush scents. I also have the bubble bar ‘candy mountain’ which again is a Christmas limited addition and it smells like snow fairy. It is also a really good bubble bar so its a win-win situation !

The last bath product is the comforter which is like ‘Brightside’ but in blackcurrant flavour, I have never used this one before but it smells really nice and looks really cool .

so, that is the end of this post I hope you have enjoyed reading my 4th post in my august challenge. please like follow and comment


                                                           from R


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