My Inflight Essentials

hey guys and welcome to the second week of my August challenge. Tomorrow I am going on holiday so I thought I would share with you some of my inflight essentials that I am taking in my hold on to keep me entertained on the plane .

The bag I’m taking is a new look backpack, I really love this backpack as it fits everything in and it looks really nice. it is a fake leather bag with drawstrings

My first essential is my laptop. I think this is a really important as I have The Sims 4 and I’m pretty sure this could keep me occupied for hours.

The second essential in my back pack is a note pad and pen. I use this for writing blog post on because obviously you don’t have WIFI on a aeroplane so I write them on the note pad then when we land I write them onto the blog

My third essential is my phone, I swear I cannot live with out my phone so not bringing on holiday and missing all the out of the plane window shots would the awful

My fourth essential is sort of joint on to the third one but its a portable charger. This is defiantly an essential because as I said I cannot live without my phone so if my phone died  30 minutes into the flight I would not be happy.

The fifth essential is my ear-phones. These are defiantly needed as I cant use my laptop or phone without them

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                                                                                              from R











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