5 things I love about holidays

hey guys, and welcome back to the second week of my August challenge. I don’t know if I have told you but I’m on holiday!! whoop whoop ! and I was going to do a travel diary (which I still will be doing for the rest of my holiday) but today hasn’t been a very exiting day as we had to go and get a rental car and then go food shopping so its not exactly exciting. So today I thought instead of  a travel diary I would share with you 5 things I love about holidays. sorry about the ramble there guys let get to it

The Beach 

I LOVE the beach, I mean who doesn’t. I love snorkelling with the fish sunbathing in the sun and just generally being on the beach. Also I do love to make a good sandcastle because yes I am 5.

The views

I feel like the views at home cant even come close to the views on holiday. it doesn’t matter where you are on holiday they just seem nicer.

The hot weather 

Hot weather is a definite yes for me on holiday. I don’t think I would like to go on holiday somewhere that’s not hot as I think the hot weather brings out the best in people and I always feel happier when its hot

the atmosphere 

I love the atmosphere on holiday because its just so relaxed and calm and I feels so unstressed which doesn’t happen often back at home.


I love the food on holiday. Mainly the ice cream (which I eat my body weight in) but also the authentic food from what ever country I’m in.

so that’s the end of this blog post if you enjoyed please like, follow and comment down below what’s your favourite thing about going on holiday


                                                               from R

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