5 things I love about holidays

hey guys, and welcome back to the second week of my August challenge. I don’t know if I have told you but I’m on holiday!! whoop whoop ! and I was going to do a travel diary (which I still will be doing for the rest of my holiday) but today hasn’t been a very exiting day as we had to go and get a rental car and then go food shopping so its not exactly exciting. So today I thought instead of  a travel diary I would share with you 5 things I love about holidays. sorry about the ramble there guys let get to it

The Beach 

I LOVE the beach, I mean who doesn’t. I love snorkelling with the fish sunbathing in the sun and just generally being on the beach. Also I do love to make a good sandcastle because yes I am 5.

The views

I feel like the views at home cant even come close to the views on holiday. it doesn’t matter where you are on holiday they just seem nicer.

The hot weather 

Hot weather is a definite yes for me on holiday. I don’t think I would like to go on holiday somewhere that’s not hot as I think the hot weather brings out the best in people and I always feel happier when its hot

the atmosphere 

I love the atmosphere on holiday because its just so relaxed and calm and I feels so unstressed which doesn’t happen often back at home.


I love the food on holiday. Mainly the ice cream (which I eat my body weight in) but also the authentic food from what ever country I’m in.

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My Inflight Essentials

hey guys and welcome to the second week of my August challenge. Tomorrow I am going on holiday so I thought I would share with you some of my inflight essentials that I am taking in my hold on to keep me entertained on the plane .

The bag I’m taking is a new look backpack, I really love this backpack as it fits everything in and it looks really nice. it is a fake leather bag with drawstrings

My first essential is my laptop. I think this is a really important as I have The Sims 4 and I’m pretty sure this could keep me occupied for hours.

The second essential in my back pack is a note pad and pen. I use this for writing blog post on because obviously you don’t have WIFI on a aeroplane so I write them on the note pad then when we land I write them onto the blog

My third essential is my phone, I swear I cannot live with out my phone so not bringing on holiday and missing all the out of the plane window shots would the awful

My fourth essential is sort of joint on to the third one but its a portable charger. This is defiantly an essential because as I said I cannot live without my phone so if my phone died  30 minutes into the flight I would not be happy.

The fifth essential is my ear-phones. These are defiantly needed as I cant use my laptop or phone without them

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My bath bomb collection

hi guys, so today I’m going to be sharing with you my bath bomb collection as I’m pretty sure I have a slight obsession with bath products and thought it would be nice to share some of my favourites  from my collection at the moment.

The first thing in my collection is the ‘intergalactic’ bath bomb from lush (a lot of these things will be from lush ). I have actually already broken off a bit of this bath bomb and it was really nice and came out in such a lovely blue colour with streaks of green and pink. It is also sparkly which can be a really nice thing but it can also be a real pain to get off of the bottom of the bath

The next bath product is a bubble bar from lush. Its called ‘Brightside’ and it has a gorgeous mango scent. I haven’t used this yet but it smell amazing and if it makes my bath smell anything like that I will be very happy 🙂

The third thing in my collection is the lush shower gel ‘snow fairy’ that is actually limited to Christmas time but I had quite a few at Christmas so I still have one and I have to say it is maybe one of my favourite lush scents. I also have the bubble bar ‘candy mountain’ which again is a Christmas limited addition and it smells like snow fairy. It is also a really good bubble bar so its a win-win situation !

The last bath product is the comforter which is like ‘Brightside’ but in blackcurrant flavour, I have never used this one before but it smells really nice and looks really cool .

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shopping haul <3

hey guys so today I went on a little shopping trip so I decided to share what I got for my 3rd day in my August challenge. I hope you enjoy reading this and lets get on with this post .

The first place I went was Primark and I got a few pieces from there. I got a white and grey striped dress which is such a nice material and it was only £5,which I think is such a bargain. the next thing I picked up  was a blue and white striped off the shoulder top which I think will be great for my holiday. The last thing I pick up was just a pair of super high waist black skinny jeans as my other ones were going a bit grey

the last things I got were some all black Nike Roches for school as at my school they only allow all back shoes. I think they are one of my favourite school shoes I have ever had and I think they were around £60

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summer life hacks

hi guys, today I thought I would do a summer life hacks post for my second day of my August challenge . P.S some of these I made up and some I got from the internet so I don’t want to take credit for any of these ❤

  1. the first one is really good if you are going out all day somewhere and you know that its going to be really hot . so basically you fill your bottle half full with water and put lying down in the freezer over night. Then in the morning all you have to do is to fill the rest of  the bottle up and it stays cold all day

  2. This one is good for when you are in holiday at the beach and you don’t really want to leave your phone, keys, purse etc. on display. Use an en empty sun cream bottle wash it out and cut the top off of the bottle ( don’t cut to much off) and fill it with your valuables. then put it back together and done !

  3. the third life hack is for when your at the beach and you don’t want sand or little wasps and fly’s in your drink so just take a cupcake case and push your straw through it and it will protect your drink

  4. this hack is one I have been doing literally all my life and basically you just get a Frube and put it in the freezer. when you get it out it should be like an ice cream that’s a lot cheaper

  5. this last hack is one of my favourites. when you make your ice, pop a strawberry or raspberry in and freeze as normal. then when you use  the ice it will keep your drink cold and when the ice melts it will leave a nice flavour

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My make-up routine- then vs now

Hi guys, so today is my first post of my august challenge (go check out my last post if you don’t know what I mean )and I wanted to show you how much my make up routine has changed by showing you what I used to wear when I started wearing make up and what I wear now. lets get started !


when I started wearing make-up I didn’t wear a foundation as I didn’t want to wear a lot of make-up but now I wear the Rimmel lasting finish foundation and this is one of my favourite ever foundation as it is a perfect coverage for me. For concealer I used to use the MUA hide and conceal concealer. This concealer is defiantly not a concealer that I would recommend as it does blend well and makes your skin quite patchy but it wasn’t the worst concealer and it was only a £1 so it was a bargain. The concealer I use now is the collection lasting perfection concealer. I LOVE this concealer it is so good and I think it blends really well. Its £4.20 which I think is a really good deal for such a good concealer. ( sorry for ranting about concealers there guys ) For powder I used to use the collection pressed powder which I think could have been a nice powder but I would buy one which was obviously to orange for my skin and would just leave me looking awful . But now I use the Rimmel stay matte powder and I have defiantly learnt from my mistakes and I now use a translucent powder


 On my eyes I used an MUA single copper/gold eye shadow and to be honest I still think  this is a really good eyeshadow and kind of want to go and bye one to start using it again. Now for everyday I use the shade buttercream from the  collection eyes uncovered palette. For mascara I used  a miss sporty one and I think It was just an average mascara but it was a bit clumpy sometimes. I now use the barry m  feature length mascara which is really good and makes your really lashed really long.


  On my lips I used the MUA lipstick in a very light coral/orange colour. this was only £1 and it was ok. I now use either the Barry m lipstick in the colour ‘everything’s rosy’ or the Kiko lipstick in a pale pink colour.

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a chatty life update

hi guys so today I thought that I would just update you on my life as I have not been very active for a while (I’m really sorry about that by the way guys !). I came to write this a few days ago and my mind went completely blank buts its amazing how much a few days thinking can help. sorry for rambling there guy, lets get on to this post

ok so I know i’s really late to this train but 2 days ago I started reading Girl online, and I know everyone reading this will be like ‘that came out like 3years ago !’ and I know and don’t kill me for saying this but every time I went to start reading It I just lost interest In it but this time I started reading it I defiantly did not loose interest I read all 345 pages in about 2 days. I’ve now started reading the second one (girl online on tour) and I’m practically reading it while writing this ! 🙂

another thing that’s happened in my life lately is that schools finished !!! thank GOD  I think I might of exploded with stress if I had to spend another day at school. why does school have to make every thing boring or stressful it has a sort of way of making even the most exiting things boring and/or stressful. even if they said ‘oh today we are going to spend all day doing whatever you want’ I’m sure they would find some way of making it stressful. (sorry for that ramble guys 🙂 )

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my blog and how I can start encouraging myself to write more and I think I am going to set my self a challenge so for the whole of august I’m going to write 5 bog posts a week and to some people this may seem easy but to me I have defiantly set my self a challenge and a half

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4 ways to clearer skin

hi guys so today I wanted to talk to you about how to get the clearest skin possible and basically little things I do to make my skin clearer. A little disclaimer before I start I am defiantly not a professional at this and  everyone’s skin is different so some of these things may work on you but may not as well

the first little thing I do to help my skin is when putting my concealer on spots I put it on the back of my hand instead of straight onto my spot  and then blending  because you have to put the applicator back into the pot and then next time you go to use it  you are putting a dirty applicator on your face and more spots will pop up (and we all know spots like to come up in the most inconvenient times ! )

the second thing is to cleanse and moisturise everyday.in reality no one moisturises and cleanses everyday without fail but this will really help as it gets rid of germs and bacteria that will cause spots. I use the Nivea 2 in one cleanser and toner which I have used for quite a while now and It is one of my all favourites

remove all make up at night as make up gathers bacteria and germs and makes your skin dirty therefor make you more prone to spots ( do this before you moisturise and/or  cleanse)

the last thing is to wash your make up brushes regularly as brushes can get really dirty and clogged up with old make up so cleaning them is a very good way of avoiding spots. you can pick up make up brush cleaner from any sort of drugstore (e.g. Superdrug )

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easy and healthy ‘ice cream’ recipe

hey guys so today I thought I would do something a bit different and share with you one of my favourite recipes. as it is coming up to summer I wanted to do something summery and this recipe sprung to mind strait away .just a little disclaimer before I start this is not my own recipe, its just a combination of recipes I have seen online 🙂

you will need…..

  •  a pot of natural yogurt
  •  1 box of strawberries
  •  1 box of raspberries
  • a squeeze of honey
  • sugar

 the first step is to chop you fruit small enough for your blender to process remember to leave a few pieces to put into you ice cream later . (if you don’t like bits in your ice cream you can put all the fruit in the blender ).

then put your fruit and some sugar in your blender. you can use as much or as little sugar in as you wont but remember  you will be putting honey in later to so that will sweeten it too .

after the fruit and sugar has been blended add a pot of natural yogurt and some honey and blend it  together

find a container and pour the ice cream in, I used a long rectangular container then put it in the freezer for 30 mins

after 30 mins take the ice cream out and put the spare berries in. if you put the berries in without freezing it they will sink to the bottom

then put it back in the freezer for as long as it needs. mine took about 4-5 hours but it really depends on how cold your freezer is .

and your ice cream is done ! I think this would be nice served with some berries or just on its own.

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my photography

hey guys so today i thought i would do something a little different for you and share some of my  favourite  photos that i have taken  hope you enjoy !

so this first photo i took on the beach when i was visiting a family member and this is one of my favourite pictures i have ever taken. im not sure way but i feel like the focus is perfect and yeah… i just really like this picture. it also reminds me of what a great day we had as it was so sunny and just an all round lovely day


this photo is from a dog walk i went on a few months ago which was really nice and i brought my camera along and got some really nice shots as the sun was just setting and it looked really nice behind theimg_1046.jpg
trees. this also reminds me of the day I took as it was a really good day






this picture is actually just a plant in my house but i felt like the colours looked really good and it gave a really good out come. its also a very summery picture so if i got this framed (i occasionally frame my favourite pictures) it would look really good on my white bedroom wall in summerIMG_0996






this last photo just like the first is from the beach and even though it is one of my favourites I think it would be nicer if the sea came a bit further in and the rocks were a bit more even  IMG_1173





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